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At this time, Adjectives is only accepting new vendor applications for our Altamonte & Colonial Plaza locations. All other locations booths have been filled.

We are no longer accepting submissions for additional permanent jewelry, clothing, candles, wall art or stationery vendors. However, we encourage you to sign up for a spot at our creative outdoor market!

About Adjectives Members

Adjectives is a constantly evolving place. We love to meet people with inspiring new viewpoints. Most of all, we’re excited to provide a platform for sharing your creative vision with our customers. Becoming an Adjectives Member is rewarding both personally and professionally. Our artisans, designers, and makers are dedicated to helping each other succeed. Mutual support and shared success are fundamental to our mission.

Show Your Craft

We select our members based on several criteria. Most important are a love for vintage, a strong sense of personal style, and the desire to create and sell. Past experience selling vintage and antique merchandise is not required but can be very helpful. We look for vendors offering products that match what our customers are looking for in quality, creativity, and price point.

How Does It Work?

Our goal is for your business relationship with Adjectives to be smooth and fulfilling so that you can focus your energy on creating! We employ two types of business arrangements.

First, we offer dedicated areas, much like rooms in a home, with floor space and surrounding walls. The majority of our spaces also offer electrical outlets and the ability to hang merchandise overhead. Members in dedicated spaces have plenty of creative freedom to decorate and personalize their spaces. These gallery spaces provide ample room for furniture, home decor, and accessories. They carry a fixed monthly service fee, which depends on the size of the space.

Our Spaces

Our spaces range from as small as 60 square feet to 200 square feet or more. Our average space is around 100 square feet and costs about $600 per month. In addition to the monthly fee, we charge a commission on each sale.

In addition, we also offer display walls, which are intended for the display and sale of art and small artisan items which can be mounted to a wall and do not need to occupy floor space. Our walls are offered on a consignment basis. This means that there is no monthly fee, but commission is charged on each sale. Display walls are typically dedicated to a single member, but in some instances, we may divide a display wall in order to accommodate members with smaller space requirements.

In all cases, Adjectives members are free to visit the store at any time to refresh stock or change out merchandise. Proceeds of sales are paid monthly via check. We use an advanced point-of-sale system to manage sales, which allows our members to monitor all sales online in real-time.

Get Started Here

To get started fill out the form below. Keep in mind, photographs are very helpful to us in determining whether your merchandise will sell well at Adjectives. If possible, we also like to see in your photos how you like to stage merchandise. Our customers have high-quality expectations, so show us the best you’ve got!

Photos of spaces or stores you have maintained in the past are the best. Please do not send huge files – each file should be no larger than 3MB or your submission may not arrive properly.

Adjectives Member Application

Please email up to 3 photos of your product to for review.

Thank you!

Once we have received your submission, we will get in touch with you, usually within about a week or so. Generally, we schedule interviews with potential new members, so it can be helpful to let us know your schedule when you write to us. Be sure to check your spam folder to make sure you don’t miss our response. To follow up on your submission, please email Thank you in advance for your submissions. We know the hard work and dedication you put into creating your unique space!

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