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    With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint there's no stripping, sanding or priming, and you can use it on just about anything! Chalk Paint (and Annie's finishing products like Chalk Paint Wax) makes it easy to create a huge variety of looks with ease.

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It's incredibly easy to get started with Chalk Paint. Just paint your piece, no stripping or priming needed. After it's dry, finish with Chalk Paint Wax or Lacquer - that's all it takes. Chalk Paint is forgiving and flexible, but most of all it's fun!

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is great for beginners, but it's for furniture professionals too. Chalk Paint can achieve any look to perfectly suit your taste, personality, and home. Add a little water to make it smooth, thicken it up by leaving the lid off, make it into a wash by adding even more water. The only limit is your imagination.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint comes in over 40 signature colors inspired by 18th & 20th century decor & design, but that's just the beginning. Start with Annie's color palette, then create amazing new colors by mixing. The pigments used in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint are pure and mix easily without becoming muddy. Finally, add additional effects with waxes and Annie's decorative finishes.


It's the perfect Annie Sloan Chalk Paint companion! We have a full range of finishing waxes ideally matched to Chalk Paint for both practical results & decorative effects. Whether you want the perfect aged patina, the classic Country French look, or an ultra-smooth sheen, Chalk Paint Wax has your finish. Annie's range of wax color options will help you achieve the exact results you're looking for.

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The options are endless! Waterproof and seal your work with Chalk Paint® Lacquer, bring out brushstrokes with colored waxes, and expand your artistic horizons with Pearlescent Glaze and Gilding Waxes. Check out our range of decorative finishes and see how wide your creative options are!

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Make painting, waxing, stencils and color-mixing quick, easy and joyful. Whether you’re looking for a smooth finish or deep brushstrokes, Annie’s ergonomically designed brushes and tools give you the freedom to create your own personal masterpiece. Use Annie Sloan Flat Brushes for a modern look, or the original Chalk Paint Brushes for a more textured look.

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