Collection: Amy Howard Toscana Milk Paint

Toscana Milk Paint allows you to easily recreate the iconic historic patina found on European antiques. Each carefully curated pigment is sourced from Italy and the South of France to provide superior finish, color, and vibrancy. Whether you are a beginner or an expert purist, you are sure to fall in love with Amy’s favorite finish!

Many antique pieces have unique fissure cracks and distressing that give them that elegant, old world appeal. Whether you are a beginner or an expert painter, all-natural Toscana Milk Paint lets you achieve this same look on any piece of furniture, decorative accent, or even artwork.

  • Mix only what you need for your project
  • When left unmixed, Toscana Milk Paint has an unlimited shelf life
  • We suggest straining after mixing to ensure a smooth paint
  • After painting, seal with wax or any sealer to protect your finish
  • Use Amy Howard Milk Paint Binder to increase adhesion to glass, metal, or previously painted surfaces